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Meet Rachel

A Cowgirl Ecologist

Rachel has spent more than twenty years studying landscapes of the Mountain West on horseback while wiping her nose on her sleeve. Riding the range has provided her an unparalleled relationship with the land. It was her grandfather, an amateur geologist, who launched her passion for plant identification and rangeland health.

As a result, she started Grounded Life Soil Consulting LLC to share her on-the-land experience of keen observation skills and deep ecological literacy to connect her clients to their living landscape. When Rachel isn’t working with clients, you can find her riding among the vast sagebrush steppes keeping cattle on the move to adaptively graze.

Rachel Larsen smiling while on horseback at sunset

Experienced Stockman

A fifth-generation Montana rancher, Rachel left for college with a copy of Dan Daggett’s Beyond the Rangeland Conflict tucked under her arm. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in Colorado, hurrying back to her roots upon graduation.

Not long after her graduation, she met her husband, Guy, a consummate cowboy. They have been working on ranches across the Mountain West for more than twenty years. Their exploration of diverse ranching operations helped Rachel develop her observational skills, which she puts to use for ecological diagnostic purposes.

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Rachel Larsen seen in front of an rustic bard with her pony and dog
Rachel Larsen riding horse and her dog running alongside

Professional Accreditations

  • BA in Environmental Science, Colorado College
  • Graham School for Cattlemen
  • Savory Institute Holistic Management Accredited Professional
  • Nicole Masters’ Integrity Soils CREATE Coaching Program Graduate