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Soil Consulting for Ranchers, Land Owners & Farmers

Grounded Life Soil utilizes a holistic or ecological approach to identify limiting factors in the regeneration of ecosystem functions within agricultural systems.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to educate land stewards, ranchers or farmers, to view their landscapes through an ecological lens so they may improve their relationship with the land. Our intention is to regenerate relationships between humans, animals, plants, and soil biology to improve health, water holding capacity, resiliency, agricultural production, and ecosystem function via coaching, data collection and analysis, or educational workshops.

Our Approach

Grounded Life Soil Consulting offers our clients coaching and data collection to build a deeper connection to their landscape with intentional, proactive decision-making tools, which creates an opportunity for reduced input costs and, increases profit while providing an improved ecosystem.

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    Data Analysis

    Our Stand Alone Data Analysis is ideal for a land manager with existing soil/plant/soil biology tests who would appreciate a perspective that brings the information and data to life.

    This data analysis includes the following:

    • Soil Test Analysis
    • Plant Tissue Test Analysis
    • Soil Life Test Analysis
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    Training & Support

    A hands-on approach to land based learning. Offering On Ranch and Farm Training to set you up for long term success. We also offer Soil Workshops to help you maintain the health of your land.

    We also have our Support Services where we offer a One Day Ranch Visit or Half Day Ranch Visit. Contact Rachel today to learn more.

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    Our reporting includes the following:

    • 2 page summary
    • 6 page summary
    • 20 page Diagnostic Review
    • Annual Performance Report

    Interested in learning more about your land? Contact Rachel with Grounded Life Soil and Schedule today.

Working with Grounded Life Soil

Our process begins with a conversation to determine if Rachel and Grounded Life Soil will be a good fit for your operation. If you engage our services, you will receive a pre-visit questionnaire asking specific questions about your goals, current management practices, and concerns.

What support do you need to come into alignment with your values or reach your goals?


Monitoring and Consulting Programs

Standard Visit

Our Standard Visit service includes 2 monitoring sites w/ 1 visit.

*Additional Visits are available upon request and can be scheduled

Comprehensive Visit

Our Comprehensive Visit is recommended for large landbases. This service includes 4 monitoring sites with 1-2 visits depending on the time data collection involves, summed up in an extensive 10-20 page report, identifying limiting factors and providing an action plan.

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Each monitoring site includes:

  • Soil Sample Collection for Soil Tests
    • Organic Matter
    • Total P
    • Mehlich
    • Microbes and Fungi
  • Plant Tissue Sample Collection
  • Sampling of Problem Weeds
  • Visual Soil Analysis
  • Photos
  • Data Collection
    • Testing for Compaction
    • Basal Transect
    • Grazing Management
A panorama of distant mountain peaks with white clouds and blue